About Us


Castle Antiques was founded in the early years of the new millennium. It’s business is based on the long-established and deep connection of the founders to Europe, drawing on years of living and working in various European countries and appreciating the long history and diversity of this old continent.
Accordingly, Castle Antiques has focused on bringing European lifestyle to Canada via our brick and mortar store in Haliburton, Ontario, and our online shop.

We import antiques, furniture and items of value such as silver and jewelry, but also pre-loved décor items from the old World to the New. The source of our purchases is mainly Ireland and the United Kingdom, however, our clients will also frequently find items of Dutch, German, French and eastern European origin within our stores.

And when it comes to antiques, we know what we are talking about: A combined history of enjoying antiques for decades has added a lot of knowledge, depth as well as breadth to the array of our offerings. Since antiques are not only our business, but also our passion, we can appreciate the craftsmanship and durability on a 17th century oak bureau as much as the design and form of a
mid-century teak sideboard, the value and workmanship on a Georgian sterling silver teapot as much as that invested in an art-nouveau 20th century pewter etagere. And we are very happy to share that passion and expertise with our clients and guests.

But European antiques are not only key to our business because of our shared origin, they also form the backbone of our commitment to sustainability and an ecologically sound lifestyle; antiques are the ultimate expression of recycling and green living. What is equally as important as ecological sustainability is that due to the property of the materials used and the workmanship applied antiques are commonly of much higher quality than comparable, contemporary pieces of furniture, décor or ornamentation. Furthermore they have proven their resilience through the ages that they survived the rigours of daily life.

Finally, antiques allow us to relive periods of time and history. They enable us to connect to our past and that of our heritage and community.
Fittingly our base in Ireland is Ross Castle, a 15th century towerhouse on the shores of Lough Sheelin. It’s keep appropriately adorns our brand representing the permanence and durability of our products.